Grade 6 Health Education contains: All expectations have been turned into Ready-Made, Activity Based lesson plans, Each eBook contains a: Site license to photocopy, All answers are provided, Study organizer are included (these special pages prepare students for upcoming test), End-of-strand tests are provided (questions and answers), Tracking student performance, Approximately 64 pages, 17 Activity-Based Lessons.

Long Range Plans Matching Expectations to Activities + Report Card
Activity 1 Evaluating Weekly Physical Activity
Classroom Discussion, Complete the Chart and Pie Graph 1 to 4
Activity 2 Healthy Active Fun
Create a Fun Activities Graphic, Cut and Paste Activity 5 to 8
Activity 3 Evaluating Emotional Health
Classroom Discussion, Answer Questions, Complete the Pie Graph 9 to 12
Activity 4 Recommended Number of Daily Servings
Create a Balanced Diet 13 to 18
Activity 5 A Balanced Healthy Lifestyle
Create a Balanced Healthy Lifestyle Pie Graph 19 to 21
Activity 6 Human Reproductive System
Read the Facts, Complete the Diagram 22 to 25
Activity 7 Emotional Challenges During Puberty
Read the Story, Answer Questions 26 to 28
Activity 8 Communicable Diseases
Read the Facts (2 pages), Create a Study Organizer 29 to 33
Activity 9 Positive and Negative Influences
Classroom Discussion, Complete the Chart 34 to 36
Activity 10 Stereotyping and Discrimination
Classroom Discussion, Complete the Chart 37 to 39
Activity 11 Role Playing the Harmful Effects of Stereotyping, Discrimination &Bullying
Role Playing Classroom Setup, Guidelines, Scenarios 40 to 43
Activity 12 Identifying Sources of Support
Classroom Discussion, Complete the Chart 44 to 46
Activity 13 Safety Strategies When Using the Internet
Classroom Discussion, Complete the Chart 47 to 49
Activity 14 Responsible Safety Behaviors
Group Activity, Complete the Chart 50 to 52
Activity 15 Responding to Emergencies
Classroom Discussion, Complete the Chart 53 to 55
Activity 16 Substance Misuse
Classroom Discussion, Complete the Chart 56 to 58
Activity 17 Study Organizer
Familiarize students with graphic organizers to help show information in a quick way. 59 to 60
End of Unit Test Paper and Pencil Test
Test Questions (100 marks, 2 pages)
Test Answers (100 marks, 2 pages)


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